The Hill Self Defense in Decatur tx

We are The Hill Self-Defense

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 We are the only Krav Maga school in Wise and surrounding counties. We are one of two Kravolution schools in the state of Texas. We are a family owned business, consisting of a husband, wife and two sons that are passionate about Krav Maga, and we are helping spread this passion to others. The Hill Self-Defense is proudly powered by Kravolution. Kravolution is the source for real Krav Maga. We obtained our instructor certifications directly from the the head instructors of Kravolution(Megan Berkman and Jean-Paul Jauffret). Imi Lichtenfeld, the founder, designed Krav Maga so that, "One may walk in peace". We will teach you techniques to defend yourself or family, we teach situational awareness so that you recognize a threat before it happens. We develop masters of prevention and not masters of getting caught.  We teach men, women and kids of all ages, sizes, shapes and backgrounds how to get out of trouble or to defend themselves if the situation were to ever arise. We train in a real world environment to make it realistic. Krav Maga is based on realism and simplicity, it is all about surviving.  The simple teaching approach based on principles make it easy to understand and adapt to any situation you might encounter. Krav Maga is a lifestyle not just self defense. It teaches confidence (through competency tested under stress), situational awareness, control, and respect. We make the atmosphere fun and enjoyable while learning techniques and working out.